The corporations are standing under the cross. Does the cross stand for humility and peace? Or is it a symbol of dominance?

How about this...

Divorce Christian Conservative from Corporate Republican. That way, Christians who consider corporate power-lust sort of un-Christian, can finally join the Conservative movement.

I mean... Come on... Corporate Christian... Can you seriously picture Jesus in a three-piece with a briefcase?

What would Jesus do?

Not be a Goddamn pansy and get things done. Don't ask Him how. Wait a second...

Hammer His fist on the boardroom table and make heads roll. Hold on...

Grease wheels and line pockets? Not too cohesive with His eye of a needle comment. (MARK 10:25)

You getting the picture?

Conservative (Republican) is becoming its own oddity: a one-word oxymoron.

Hey, if nightly prayers help corporate big shots sleep at night, fine. But should we let them stand under the cross without comment? Not even curiosity...

What would Jesus do? When Jesus found people selling in his temple, he threw down their stands and kicked them out of his house. (MARK 11:15) It's a fairly clear statement.

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