Leadership is not for those who have sense, but for those who could care less.

God is, of course, of unfathomable intelligence. However, intelligence always fails in face of experience or problems that require solutions based on experience.

You have God, who, before us, could control everything down to the atom. First off, any self-aware intelligent being would obviously get bored. Remember, He made us in His own image. The only difference between ourselves and the animals (the only one that is distinctive) is a cerebral cortex capable of complex abstract thought and... SELF-AWARENESS.

How much do you wanna bet that you and God feel the same way about a whole lot of things. Yes, I know. "How can a cockroach understand a man? How can a man understand God?"

Fun fact: we're only two chromosomes different from a cockroach.

Point is, you can't say "we can't understand God," if we're in his image (i.e.- A SAMPLE OF WHO AND WHAT HE IS.) Okay?

People get bored without challenges. God's no different.

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So... Us: unbounded, uncontrolled... unpredictable.

Experience. God has never dealt with himself. Everything, the universe, obeys his whims. We don't.

Better yet, even if He concocts an amazing solution with that vast intelligence, we react to the solution and ultimately change the outcome.

He's been alone in the universe the entire time. I bet we would get very frustrating for him.

But dammit we are a challenge: we are intriguing.

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