Morality vs. Causality

The problem with human failings presented in a moral light is that it makes "good and evil" an aspect of nature. In addition, it makes that aspect definitive and all-encompassing. Morality lends to the idea that a person is either good or evil: no more complicated than black or white. (Notice the word order between the two. And take note that, whenever someone says good and evil is black and white, that "evil" is "white.")

Also, on a side tangent, remember, in regards to light, black absorbs and white reflects. Meaning: black embraces, white repels. But that's merely a play on the symbols.

Yet, speaking of symbols, morality belittles consequences into just that: a menagerie of over-simplified symbols. Once consequence and its lessons have been bounded to childish good/evil, it becomes just a tool for propaganda and ultimately loses all "moral" value.

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