Show kids everything.

Morality is not formed from punishment or restriction. In fact, abused children often become the least "moral," even criminal. Morality is certainly not the result of strangling our kids with simplistic rules of right and wrong. Consequently, the most deranged sexual behavior seems to ooze from the most religiously restricted people.

Real morality comes from knowledge because, through knowledge, comes the awareness of consequence. Empathy is a result of emotional awareness. A person will not have empathy if they do not understand how their actions effect others. Seems fairly obvious.

More so, in ignorance, a person will only become a victim of their emotional problems. No one fights a personal demon, they out grow them. That is impossible when someone doesn't understand the what's, why's and how's of said demon. Instead, in such a case, those very demons fester and grow until they become the motive behind (you guessed it) immorality.

But the symptoms of ignorance stretch far beyond plain morality.

We haven't invested in education. Education has been tossed a few coins, almost seemingly for charity alone. But we have not made it the center of our country. Beyond words, we have not treated it as the very ground on which a nation is built.

Other nations have and, for their efforts, so many countries now surpass us in every respect of civilization - excluding the most barbaric: war. This is our state today and it is predicting the future. Those other nations will continue to rise and lead humanity into the next great ages.

(Despite the cynicism and lack of foresight, the next great age is around the corner: on an evolutionary timetable. Though so infantile it is still widely unknown, the technology is there.)

And unless we realize that information and understanding are our sole salvation, we will whither into a third world: trapped under our own pathetic sword and cross.

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