Natural selection is a simple process. If it can outrun the predator or outrun the prey: it survives. If it can survive the environment: it thrives.

Yet, beyond our bodies, how are we natural?

Natural selection is used often to define, even justify, our society. Yet, what does that mean? Who survives, thrives, in our world? Merely those with money?

They're not stronger or smarter. Usually the model natural survivor in this society are the conmen, the sell outs, the thieves, the inheritors. Yet, who are they? They don't invent. They don't build. They neither produce or run anything that makes our world real. Without them, our world will continue because the mechanism would remain.

So how are they dominant? What do they provide that ensures our species survival?

Making money is not natural selection. It's the excuse that helps the lowest of us sleep better at night.

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