So, I'm just standing, smoking, and I find that little rabbit I have met so many times before.

So, hell, I ask it. Yes, aloud. Yes, I'm talking to the animals. Fuck you (for those who mock.)

So, anyway, I ask, "What's the difference between you and me?" It eats. "No really, in the end, when both you and I are gone, both species and all, what would have been the difference? When all our works are dust, would we have been better off munching on grass?"

It eats. But it is watching - very attentive to me.

"Yeah, most would call those musings childish. But damn I want an answer... sometimes."

Yes, I said that to the rabbit. But, with eyes alert and ears perked, it was definitely listening.

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If I lived for a thousand years, I'd still think there'd be too much to learn. But that's the beauty. A long time ago, my compliant was "Why does everything in my life have to be just a learning experience?"

I now realize that, that's all life really is. Ever think that, maybe, all that knowledge we absorb (the feelings we endure) gets sucked back into the universe. That all we are is absorbed into the surging mind of life.

That the universe is learning us as much as we are learning it. That the very meaning of life is just this one, infinitely grand, learning experience.

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