The realist. The open-minded. The e...e...ev..."evolved."

Here's a simple truth that observation lends to: no matter who you are, if it doesn't fit your mold, you will reject it.

Everybody's the same: the all-loving guru is just as ugly as the all-hating grand dragon. They have the same hate, just routed in different directions. They have the same love, just, again, divergently routed.

They are people.
They are the same.
They do not change.

So, let's simplify. It's always good to simplify. If it walks on two legs and thinks, hate it - feel superior to it. Because you already do, whether you believe me or not.

But, please, deny it past your grave. It doesn't matter. This is how all human beings think.

I'm just saying, "Let's be honest about it."

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