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I keep wanting to save this for stories. But it looks like I'll never finish one now. So, I'll just talk.

I don't have beliefs. They're too stubborn. I prefer the notion of paradigms. A paradigm, from what I know, is like a belief, it's just fluid to new information. It's a believe that grows, matures as knowledge expands.

What I have is like a paradigm. Today, I believe it to be right. Tomorrow? Well, we'll see.

So here it is. Nature has taken us as far as she can. Whether is by accident or design, we are naturally driven to become unnatural. Look at our lives, is any of it really natural anymore? It is almost entirely aided by industry.

It is almost obvious that not only are we becoming volatile to nature, but that nature is becoming volatile to us. This is from within. Examine human nature - what we have to overcome. There's the ingrained fetish to dominate one another: pack dominance. For every other animal, becoming the alpha is good for natural evolution. In the world we made, "the alpha" is a hinderance, even a threat. It seems that most crimes stem from emotions that are found in our nature.

Now I'm not saying we need to revert. Not at all. We need to push forward. We need to divorce ourselves from Earth. It is who we are. To save Earth and ourselves, we have to get off this rock.

Let's talk about space travel. The universe is just one, giant black desert. Sorry, there are no space operas in our future. The essence for space travel, even at the greatest speeds possible, would be drifting.

Earth is our natural space ship, spinning in an orbit. What I'm thinking of is just a spaceship Earth of our design, floating not in an orbit, but in a direction. The long term goals, that of generations, would be a destination. But the constant goal would be a new home made by us for our way of life.

On a side note, chemical propulsion will not work. We should be driven by gravity. In my opinion, we should focus attention on lifters and fusion reactors and how to marry the two technologies. Diametric propulsion seems like the most efficient, specially in a vacuum.

Cloning should be the method of reproduction. I honestly don't think we'd survive in space with our natural-born biology. This would be a wholly new environment. We would have to re-engineer our bodies to thrive in it: for the sake of our bodies and even our minds.

That's what I mean when I say "unnatural." We build it all, even ourselves. Nature can't sustain our identity, even the nature within us is becoming a shackle, and there is no turning back the clock. The longer we deny it the more our connection to nature becomes mutually poisonous.

I should go into more detail. Flesh out the research... Not today... Maybe tomorrow... Still, am I the only mind with this thought? Maybe my voice is not so alone.


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