Agatha in the Bianox

Are you ready for a divine end?

Do it.

And he does, going straight to the console. Helga comes close to Agatha, whispering.

Divine end to what?

To what was started: nature's anomaly.


Paling beyond her already white skin, it is now that Agatha truly gets it.


The key splays open and charges up in a whirl. That cold determination returning, Magwitch is set for murder.

And Agatha starts shooting. Still bewildered, Helga has only one choice but to fire with her sister.

Like dense, living brush, the key blocks the barrage.

Hand on her gun, she stops Helga. Relinquishing her arm, Agatha points to a higher position, to which Helga nods and leaps to. A plan, drastic and foolishly quick, has been set. And Agatha is now its star suicide player.

Dropping to her belly, Agatha's limbs curl and she crawls: a spider stalking a glowing fiend

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