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Ghosts caught on tape

George Nester splits his life between darkness and light. By day, he looks and acts just like the average guy, but by night he hunts the unexplained as a paranormal investigator. Delving into haunted houses, ghosts, EVP phenomenon, and more; George believes that there is more to our world than meets the eye.

Scary Clowns

George also adopts an alternate persona as a scary clown, exploring the psychological effects, attitudes, and life lessons that this subculture offers.


The largest and most successful dating site for Gothic friends and singles in the world.

Gothic Portal

A deep and varied portal about the gothic culture, fashion, music, dating, decor, miscellany, and even gothic tourism, all by one enthusiast of the dark and morbid culture.


Booo ! It's Halloween ! Whether you want to scare your friend silly, trick or treat or wish all your friends and family members a very Happy Halloween, we hope we can help you reach out with these spooktacular ecards and add a little zing to your boo day.

OuttaTheBurgh Films

The growing legacy of the wildest filmmakers to emerge from Pittsburgh since Romero.

Terry Pratchett Unseen Message Board

Welcomes visitors to the Discworld, Terry Pratchett novels and literary enthusiasts.

Maljonic's Dreams - Interpretation of Dreams, Love, Art and all things spiritual

Dream diary and dictionary, database dedicated to dream interpretation, research into the psychology and origin of dreams through analysis of dreams and spirituality, dream art, love, self improvement via hypnosis, positive thinking, homeopathy, meditation with weekly articles on alternative health and all things spiritual.

Speculative Vision

Sci-Fi and Fantasy brought into focus.

One Last Stop in a Violent Town

Crime, romance, murder, theft, monsters and a Mexican wrestler...that's One Last Stop in a Violent Town.

Jennifer Nutter, photos,digital art,paintings,spfx

An old friend who has a lot of talent


Learn about why the evil king and his disciples were executed and how they are resurrected in these modern times as pumpkins with an agenda of pure evil.

Look, it's just cute.

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