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Finding Clients and Collectors

Raphael BarAdam brings 45 years of experience in the art world, business, mentoring and fundraising. He's worked with Museums to street artists from Garage Geeks to  Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in art, tech, education, energy, healthcare, community building and non-profits.
Call him today @ +1-424-354-9611
With Global networks and friends in financial capitals of the world, you'll be treated like a VIP and start selling your work.


Raphael will guide you to the best fit; events, communities, art fairs, collaborators and collectors.


Foundation and Strategy

Your art business is rolling; the product is developed and you have a go to market plan. Let's introduce you to some people.


Growth and Curation

Ready to Scale
Let's get you some strategic partners in your medium and find the best fit clients from family funds, government programs or creative projects.


Strategic Creative Plannning

As a stratgist with over 20 years of experience as a Strategic Coach, Raphael will address your challenges and present simple opportunities to achieve your goals and success.

I am #1
Collectors click here

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Foundation click here

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